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Welcome to the University of Washington!

Here at UW there are so many wonderful opportunities to explore from academics, to athletics, philanthropy, and leadership. The Greek community here at the University of Washington makes our large campus feel a little bit smaller and allows its members to find a home away from home. Each sorority at the University of Washington has a unique identity, and we cannot wait to show you our sisterhood during Formal Fall Recruitment.

In 1852 Phi Mu was founded on the values of love, honor, and truth. It is through the embodiment of these values and the efforts of our chapter's exceptional women that we have grown into the vibrant sisterhood we are today. For me, Phi Mu has become one of the best parts of my college career. Phi Mu has given me a group of women that support me every day, encourage me to be a leader, and who have helped me build up my character and confidence. I cannot imagine what my college experience would have been like without the women in our chapter.


My sisters at Phi Mu celebrate life’s best moments with me and are always there when I need them. The memories and laughter I have shared throughout the last 3 years with my chapter have been some of the best moments of college, and I know that my friendships will grow and last a lifetime. Phi Mu can offer this to you as well. I hope that every woman going through recruitment has the same opportunity to find their home away from home, just like I did.


We can't wait to meet you!

Sofija Raisys, Membership Director
Phi Mu, Eta Beta Chapter, University of Washington

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