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Continuous Open Bidding

As of Winter 2024, Phi Mu has chosen to participate in continuous open bidding. 

What is Continuous Open Bidding?

Weren't able to participate in primary recruitment or looking to join a sorority later into the year? Continuous open bidding is an informal process in which a potential new member meets current members and understands what the sorority's values consist of and who they are as a chapter. Although you won't be able to meet each chapter of UW Panhellenic, it gives you the opportunity to potentially join a sorority and become a member now rather than wait until the following recruitment.  

Interested in going on a date and meeting some of our amazing members? Reach out to our membership director at or fill out this form


Why I Chose to COB

"I chose to COB because I wanted to find a tight-knit community of girls who I could be myself with and I wanted to find a home away from home. I knew that I wanted to be more involved on campus and I had heard of COB before but didn’t completely know what it was, but figured I would sign up to find out if being in a sorority was something that I could see myself doing! I ended up meeting the most amazing girls on my dates with Phi Mu and instantly felt comfortable voicing any questions I had and learning more about the chapter. I knew as soon as I met them that this was the place that I wanted to end up in because everyone that I talked to had the most calming and genuine energy. COB can be an overwhelming process, but the girls in Phi Mu made it so fun and easy for me to be myself and now I have found lifelong friendships within Phi Mu because of the COB process!!"

- Mallory Sparks, Spring Class MC '22

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