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Bid Day 2023 


Why Join Phi Mu?

 Maybe you have it all figured out, maybe not. In either case, you'll need friends to help you along the way. Girlfriends. Sisters. Friends committed to you through a lifetime of ups and downs. Friends who'll help you grow as a person and as a leader. Friends who'll be there when you realize that you really don't have it all figured out. Friends who'll need you to be there for them, too. You know the type. They are the girlfriends who demonstrate that best friend sort of connection with you. They are there to build you up and to be by your side as you build up others. They have a special sort of energy about them. They are vibrant. And they're looking forward to friending you at Phi Mu.

Four Reasons YOU should be a Phi Mu!

★ Create lasting memories and friendships

★ Grow and become the best you

★ Have the opportunity to lead and stay involved

★ Find your home away from home

From Our Recruitment Chair


Welcome to the University of Washington!

Here on the UW campus, the amazing Panhellenic chapters allow for each woman to find their home away from home among the Greek Community. It is an amazing way to be apart of an immersive experience, by surrounding yourself with many inspiring, uplifting collegiate women who share the same values as yourself.


During Formal Fall Recruitment, each of the 18 sororities here at UW opens their doors to share their unique identity in hopes that you will find your perfect home in them. In the Greek community, you’ll find many opportunities of service through philanthropy, strengthen leadership skills, and lifelong friends.

Founded in 1852, Phi Mu has upheld its values of love, honor, and truth and embodied these on the University of Washington campus. Our women strive to empower each other and exemplify our vibrant sisterhood. I am very thankful for all of the amazing women I’ve met and all of the memories that I’ve made during my time in this chapter. I have grown to be a more strong, confident woman through the love and support I have received. I will be forever grateful for what Phi Mu has given me and hope to share this with all of the women going through Formal Fall Recruitment.

We can’t wait to meet you!

Mia Byrd, Membership Director

Phi Mu, Eta Beta Chapter, University of Washington

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