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Phi Mu is a home away from home during the collegiate years, and we encourage each sister to do her personal and academic best. We spark meaningful connections, build enthusiasm, and are steadfast in our commitment to excellence and lifelong, faithful sisterhood. To enhance these relationships, members of Phi Mu have the opportunity to participate in biweekly sisterhood events, sisterhood retreats, and events with other sororities.


Phi Mu's love to have a good time! With the beginning of each new quarter comes an exciting social calendar. Every year, our Social Chairman and her committee plan fun events such as exchanges, date functions, and formals! 

Exchanges are events between our chapter and another a chapter on campus. They will frequently have themes or games, and are a great way to meet other Greeks. Some of our favorites from this past year have included cookie decorating and paint fight exchanges.

We also have Grab-A-Dates- or GADs for short. They're a great opportunity to go out to a fun venue with old or new friends. We plan on having about three of these a year. This past year, we went to Gameworks, karaoke, bowling and a Mariner's game!

Additionally, we have everyone's favorite - formals! It's a chance for sisters to get dressed up and have a fun night out. Every girl loves a reason to dress up and dance! 


Here at Phi Mu, we love and honor the bonds with our family (both our biological and Greek ones) very much! To honor these bonds, we have several events throughout the year to make sure our family members are involved! This year, our parent's chairman set up an event for the parents of Phi Mu. We hosted a breakfast at the Phi Mu house and gave parents a tour of our home. Afterwards, we headed to the Museum of Flight to spend more time with our families!




Come meet the women of Phi Mu from  6pm-8pm during the Panhellenic tabling event in Haggett at the South Cascade Room. 

We are so excited to meet you!

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