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Phi Mus love to have a good time! With the beginning of each new quarter comes an exciting social calendar. Every year, our Social Chairman and her committee plan fun events such as exchanges, date functions, and formals! 

Exchanges are low-key events between our chapter and another a chapter on campus. They will frequently have themes or games, and are a great way to meet other Greeks. Some of our favorites from this past year have included cookie decorating, bowling, and bunny exchanges.

We also have Grab-A-Dates- or GADs for short. They're a great opportunity to go out to a fun venue with old or new friends. We plan on having about three of these a year. This past year, we went to a corn maze in the fall, bowling in the winter, and a Mariner's game in the spring!

Additionally, we have everyone's favorite - formals! It's a chance for sisters to get dressed up and have a fun night out. Every girl loves a reason to dress up and dance! 

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